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N.E.W. Backpack Buddies provides food every weekend to children who are identified by teachers and guidance counselors at each school. We current serve the following schools.

To inquire about receiving services at a school not listed, please reach out via email to:

School Contact

​Year Round Schools

  • Brassfield Elementary

  • Heritage Elementary

  • Heritage Middle School

  • Jones Dairy Elementary

  • Sanford Creek Elementary

​Traditional Year Schools

  • Endeaver Charter Acadamey

  • Envision Science Academy

  • Forest Pines Elementary

  • Fox Road Elementary

  • Richland Creek Elementary

  • Riverbend Elementary

  • Rolesville Charter Academy

  • Rolesville Elementary

  • Wake Forest Elementary

  • Wake Forest Middle

  • Wakelon Elementary

  • Zebulon Middle



​ Financially Funded Schools

  • Harris Creek Elementary

  • Knightdale Elementary

  • Neuse River Middle School

  • Durant Rd Middle School

​Snack Pantries

  • Rolesville High School

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